ENSTRUC supply and distribute a leading range of undercarriage parts by Enstruc, ITR and Berco for bulldozers and excavators up to 300 tonne operating weight. Whether you need a new set of track chains, track shoes, idler groups, track rollers, track sprockets and segments; our range of excavator and dozer track parts guarantee to keep your machine productive and profitable in any application.


Excavator Undercarriage Parts

  • A wide variety of excavator track group options is available to fit all makes and models of excavators up to 300 tonne operating weight.
  • Heavy duty greased, sealed and lubricated excavator chains for extreme weather conditions and severe applications.
  • Toughened single grouser shoes, double grouser shoes, and triple grouser track shoes to suit all ground conditions.
  • A full selection of excavator idler wheels, track sprockets, and top and bottom rollers in more than 600 configurations.
  • We also supply cast steel track pads for mining shovels, crawler drills and cranes.


Dozer Undercarriage Parts

  • We supply a complete range of track undercarriage components for dozers and tractors with chain pitch 159.8mm (6.29″) through to 317.5mm (12.5″).
  • Heavy duty dozer chains with forged steel single grouser shoes for severe ground conditions and extreme weather conditions.
  • A full selection of track idlers, track rollers, segment groups and track hardware is available for all bulldozer makes and models.
  • Covering all budgets and requirements, we offer dozer undercarriage parts by Enstruc, ITR and Berco with trusted after sales support and warranty.