Pin-on and weld-on Ripper Attachments are available for Excavators, Graders, and Dozers. Our Rippers are designed and manufactured to match your machine, wear conditions and productivity goals. Effectively and efficiently rip heavy soils and sandstone, through to frozen ground and heavy construction waste.


Excavator Rippers

ENSTRUC produce Ripper Attachments for Excavators up to 120 tonne weight.

  • Ripping efficiency in hard ground conditions, quarry and demolition.
  • Thick steel shank for strength and reinforced gussets for added durability.
  • Replaceable excavator ripper tooth and protective shank guard.
  • Our Excavator Ripper Components offer performance, economy & safety.

Motor Grader Rippers

Scarifier rippers and large ripper shanks are available for all grader makes and models.

  • Designs with best ripping angle to break ground in the heaviest conditions.
  • Shanks are manufactured from high-strength alloy steel for the best results.
  • Selection of penetrating ripper teeth in various OEM grader styles.
  • Custom ripper designs are welcome to suit specific site requirements.

Dozer Rippers

Custom-made Dozer Rippers to suit all earth moving bulldozers and tractors.

  • Made with high-strength alloy steel for tough dozer applications.
  • Assembled with replaceable ripper teeth and shank protector.
  • Ripper sets are available with tines, cylinders, hoses & transmission guard.
  • Fast and reliable production times with global warranty and support.


Ripper Teeth & Spare Parts

We offer a large range of Ripper Parts from leading GET manufacturers for trusted ripping performance and efficiency.

  • High-performance ripper teeth, shank guards, noses & more.
  • Ripper spares that boost profitability in demanding applications.
  • High-grade alloy steel for maximum equipment durability and strength.
  • Our hammerless ripper tips offer additional safety and speed in the field.