Maybe you have detected small cracks on your excavator boom or arm, or maybe there are signs of impending structural failure? Or maybe you just need a new, modified boom for long reach work and high to reach jobs? Enstruc can custom-build any boom, dipper stick (arm) or extension section to match your excavator model and application.


Custom Excavator Booms and Arms

  • We manufacture replacement excavator booms and dipper arms for all hydraulic excavators.
  • Engineered to match your requirements for excavator extension works, extra range & long reach.
  • Every excavator attachment is designed to optimize excavator performance and service life.
  • Built with high-strength, wear-resistant materials that ensure robustness and durability at the points of greatest stress and wear.

Demolition Excavator Booms & Arms

  • Production of high-reach demolition excavator booms and arms specific to your machine.
  • Demolish buildings and tall structures with more excavator reach.
  • Can be fitted with auxiliary hydraulic lines for excavator attachments.
  • Designs with modular joints on the boom for easy, cost effective transportation.
  • Optional hydraulic excavator cylinders and safety check valves are available.

Long-Reach Excavator Booms & Arms

  • Two/three piece long-reach excavator booms and arms for more digging depth and forward reach compared to a standard excavator.
  • Dedicated lengths for deep excavation, dredging, canal cleaning and marine defense jobs.
  • Every excavator boom and dipper arm is weight optimized to suit your excavator model.
  • Excavator attachments undergo stringent quality testing to ensure zero defects before shipment.
  • We can produce custom long-reach boom sizes to suit any excavator application.


Excavator Extension Arms

  • Increase your excavator working range with a dedicated excavator extension arm.
  • We can manufacture extension arms for any excavator make and model.
  • Excavator quick hitch and pin-on connection configurations are available.
  • Our excavator attachments are produced with leading design software, materials and welding.
  • The excavator extension arm is a cost-effective way to increase your digging depth, reach and working height.