Enstruc offers a huge range of weld-on and bolt-on Cutting Edges, Segments and End Bits for all Excavators, Loaders, Dozers and Graders. Manufactured in different steel grades and through hardened to meet exact requirements for strength, penetration and wear resistance. Our custom designs cover the complete thickness range and can be cut to any length.


Excavator Cutting Edges

  • Weld-on and Bolt-on cutting edges for any excavator model and bucket.
  • Hardox®, Weldox®, Hituf®, Vallite® and Estrong® steel edges.
  • Straight square edge, single bevel, double bevel and half arrow profiles.
  • Serrated cutting edges for frozen and hard ground.
  • ‘Ready made’ cutting edge package with adapters and teeth.
  • Custom bevels and noses to match any tooth-adapter.

Loader Cutting Edges

  • Loader base edges, half arrow edges, segments, bolt-on edges, wear plates and top covers for all Loader makes and models.
  • Single bevel edges, double bevel reversible edges and spade nose designs.
  • Loader cutting edge kits for all OEMs, in any custom size and thickness.
  • Multiple steel grades and hardness for every requirement: 250HB – 600HB.
  • Polyurethane blades and segments for maximum flexibility and surface care.

Grader Cutting Edges

  • High carbon and through-hardened cutting edges for all motor graders.
  • Flat edges, flat serrated edges, curved edges and curved serrated edges.
  • Tungsten carbide blade inserts for long wear life in high speed applications.
  • Moldboard end bits, overlay end bits and moldboard repair plates.
  • Rotating carbide bits and fixed bit systems for maximum material penetration.
  • Grader blades can be packaged in kits for complete change-outs.

Dozer Cutting Edges

  • Full range of standard and cast dozer blades for utility up to mining series.
  • Abrasion resistant steel and bimetallic blades for extended wear life.
  • Flat angled end bits, Hot cupped end bits, and Ripper end bits with tooth.
  • Custom cutting edge designs to suit all blade types and applications.
  • Huge database of drawings for all dozer models.