Whether you are road milling, trenching, foundation drilling or mining below and above ground; we have high-performance Carbide Cutting Picks & Bits that maintain high machine productivity and profitability. Without the right penetration tools you may have to cut harder, dig a bit further or work for longer to get the job done. With improved body designs for all cutting conditions, our range of cutting picks deliver safe and long-lasting production.


Road Milling Bits

  • Milling bits, blocks & holders for road planers and soil stabilization machines.
  • Styles for medium to high horsepower equipment milling in concrete & asphalt.
  • Improved conical body & head designs that increase material flow and tool life.
  • Custom selection of tungsten carbide tips to match your cutting application.
  • Optimal collar diameters for maximum washer and holder face protection.

Trenching Bits

  • Cutting solutions for all makes and models of trenchers & surface miners.
  • Various size tungsten carbide cutting tips to suit all ground conditions.
  • High-strength shanks with through-hardened conical head.
  • Hardfacing is available to extend performance and wear life.
  • Quick-change systems for less machine downtime.

Foundation Drilling Bits

  • Surface & foundation drilling carbide bits for rock cutters, tunnel boring & piloting machines.
  • Designs for dirt augers, rock augers, core barrels, drilling buckets, wall cutters & more.
  • Multiple sizes for every application to reach top performance & meet productivity goals.
  • Abrasion-resistant conicals for tackling tough cutting conditions in a cost-effective way.
  • Superior material strength and a longer, sharper profile for enhanced wearlife.


Grader Blade Bits

  • Replaceable, rotating, carbide tipped cutting bits for all motor grader/scarifier blades.
  • For high-production road reconditioning jobs, and in extreme mine environments.
  • Considerably higher wear life and productivity than all-steel grader blades.
  • Penetrate hard-packed, frozen, and gravel surfaces with less effort.
  • Stop the washboard effect and pot holes with fewer passes.

Underground Mining Bits

  • A wide range of Mining Conicals & Crusher Picks for general mining applications through to extreme underground conditions.
  • Sharp tool profiles for less machine wear & lower maintenance costs.
  • High strength steel body & tips that wear evenly for a longer, sharper life.
  • Safer working environment with less dust and reduced fines for disposal.
  • Cut faster with more penetration & easy tool extraction.