ENSTRUC supply replacement Carbide Cutting Picks for road milling, trenching, foundation drilling, grader blades, and underground mining. Our carbide cutting tools maintain high machine productivity and profitability in the toughest cutting applications.


Road Milling Carbide Cutting Picks

A selection of the toughest tungsten carbide cutting picks and holders for cold milling machines and road planer attachments.

  • Cut and mill concrete and asphalt with specialist carbide cutting picks.
  • Improved conical body and carbide bit designs that increase material flow.
  • Various tungsten carbide tips to match any cutting and removal application.
  • Optimum collar diameters for maximum washer and holder protection.


Trenching Carbide Picks

Quality cutting systems for chain trenchers, surface miners, wheel trenchers, and demolition wheel cutters, and drum cutters.

  • High-performance trenching carbide picks to suit all ground conditions.
  • Picks for hard rock, shot rock, mixed rock, hard and soft abrasive materials.
  • Carbide trenching teeth have high-strength shanks, through-hardened conical heads, and fast installation systems for reduced machine downtime.
  • Trenchers are typically used in the construction and installation of water channels, drains, landscape architecture, irrigation lines, fences, pipe lines, power lines, gas pipes, underground cables, etc.


Foundation Drilling Carbide Picks

Surface drilling and foundation drilling carbide picks and holders by leading manufacturers for all rock cutter equipment, tunnel boring and piloting machines.

  • We offer standard and custom drilling shanks with carbide tips for dirt augers, rock augers, core barrels, drilling buckets, wall cutters and more.
  • Extend service life and increase cutting performance with foundation drilling picks that undergo heat treatment for superior material strength.
  • Excellent drilling rotation with dome-shaped tips for efficient cutting, and plasma cladding coating that protects the pick body from premature wear.
  • Reach top machine performance and productivity goals in a cost effective way with our high-grade tungsten carbide picks for tackling the toughest cutting conditions.


Grader Blade Carbide Picks

An extensive range of replacement carbide cutting picks for motor grader blades working in road conditioning jobs, and in extreme mining environments.

  • Grader blades with carbide cutting picks provides a considerably higher blade wear life and productivity than a standard all-steel grader blade.
  • Tungsten carbide grader tools penetrate hard-packed earth, frozen ground, and gravel surfaces with less effort and cost.
  • Stop the washboard effect and remove unwanted pot holes with fewer grader passes.


Underground Mining Carbide Picks

Mining carbide conicals, crusher picks, cutting systems and drums for underground longwall miners, continuous miners, highwall miners, road headers, and feeder breakers.

  • Multiple carbide inserts are available for light, medium, heavy, and severe cutting conditions. Plug, cap, narrow bottom, bullet nose profiles & more.
  • Mining picks cut faster with more penetration and less dust, produce larger pieces, less fine particles, have better wear resistance, and less breakage.
  • Carbide tip wear evenly with the steel body for sharper, longer lasting picks.
  • Designed for extreme underground mining conditions that demand safer working tools where less dust equals reduced fines for disposal.