ENSTRUC Dozer Blades are designed and built for maximum performance and safety in construction, quarrying and strip mining applications. Our Bulldozer Attachments are engineered using high-strength steel and wear-resistant materials to maximize the power and efficiency. Penetrate, handle and fill quicker than before.


Straight Dozer Blades

ENSTRUC Dozer S-Blades are available in a variety of sizes for all bulldozer makes and models. Built for strength and reinforced to push large, sharp and abrasive objects.

  • Reversible cutting edges, end bits, wing shrouds, chocky bars, skid plates.
  • Can be equipped with one or two tilt cylinders to tilt and tip the blade.
  • Not suitable for moving granular materials as no side wings for anti-spillage.
  • Custom dozer blade designs are welcome to meet your requirements.

Coal U-Blades

ENSTRUC Dozer Coal Blades are designed to maximize production results and increase mine profitability on coal stockpiles.

  • Sized to match coal stacking and rolling traits for increased efficiency.
  • Extreme wear protection & low maintenance with liners & reversible edges.
  • Maximum coal pushing with calculated blade length, height & wing angles.
  • Larger coal-bowl profiles with increased capacity and reduced coal spillage.

Heavy Duty U-Blades

ENSTRUC Heavy Duty Dozer Blades are built with high-strength steel and protective wear parts for severe impact and abrasive applications.

  • Replaceable OEM dozer cutting edges, end bits and protective shrouds.
  • Excellent load retention and capacity with U-shape blade & 28° wing angle.
  • Additional protection with wear liners, chocky bars and hardfacing options.
  • Available with protective screen rock guard for machine and operator safety.

Semi-U Dozer Blades

ENSTRUC Semi-U Blades are designed to retain and push granular materials for longer periods of time than a standard dozer blade.

  • Combination straight blade with deeper profile and anti-spillage side wings.
  • Replaceable OEM dozer cutting edges, end bits and protective side shrouds.
  • Optional wear liners and carbide hardfacing options for abrasion protection.
  • Increased productivity up to 15% on every pass compared to a straight blade.

Landfill Dozer Blades

ENSTRUC Landfill Dozer Blades are designed with a U-profile for penetrating, handling and filling landfill material quickly.

  • High strength box-frame construction with weight-saving alloy steels.
  • Includes replaceable OEM dozer cutting edges and other specialty edges.
  • Top dozer screen for excellent operator visibility while handling waste.
  • Move and spread more landfill trash with the 30° side wing angle.
Bulldozer PAT-blades

P.A.T. Dozer Blades

ENSTRUC Power-Angle-Tilt Dozer Blades allow you place material where you want it, first time.

  • Heavy duty beam design and reversible cutting edge for longer service life.
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinders for blade tilt and pushing material to the side.
  • Custom blade designs with wear package for rocky & mountainous terrain.
  • PAT dozer blade assembly includes the angle blade, brace group & c-frame.

Reclamation U-Blades

ENSTRUC Reclamation Dozer Blades have a custom U-profile for optimizing bulldozer operations in the reclamation of mine spoil piles.

  • Reclamation U-Blades feature a larger capacity than factory U-blades.
  • Deliver more overburden and mining waste material with 28° dozer wings.
  • Less maintenance with abrasion-resistant liners & carbide wear package.
  • Custom selection of dozer G.E.T. to suit machine and application.