Enstruc partner with some of the best steel houses to provide shorter lead times, reduced transport costs and better bucket engineering services to international clients. Our bucket selection complements OEM construction excavators, mining excavators, wheel loaders and underground mining loaders. Enstruc buckets are built for strength & reliability, and help to increase productivity in all excavating and loading operations. From high-production lightweight buckets through to extreme mining buckets, every bucket is custom-built to suit your specific application and productivity goals.


Excavator Buckets

  • Buckets for construction & mining excavators up to 600 tonne/40 m3 backhoe capacity.
  • Engineered bucket shape optimizing for maximum payloads in specific applications.
  • High-strength structural steel & components for endurance & reliability under heavy loads.
  • Custom selection of G.E.T. and abrasion-resistant liner packages for total wear protection.
  • GP buckets, HD rock buckets, quarry buckets, ripper buckets, block buckets, skeleton buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, trapezoidal buckets, tilting buckets & more.

Face Shovel Buckets

  • Custom face shovel buckets for the extraction and loading of raw material in open-pit mines.
  • Suitable for all mining excavators up to 600 tonne operating weight, or up to 34 m3 capacity. 
  • Buckets are designed to consider material density, moisture, hardness & abrasive qualities.
  • Optimized face shovel profile to meet productivity goals for fill factor & cycle times.
  • High-strength build with quality components for a long service life & low maintenance.
  • Complete with full coverage headboard, wear liners & any choice of G.E.T. brand.

Wheel Loader Buckets

  • We produce OEM replacement wheel loader buckets with capacity from 3 m3 to 40 m3.
  • Perfectly matched to your front end loader for optimal fuel efficiency and productivity.
  • Bucket profiles to suit every loading & handing application, from construction to mining.
  • Weld-on & detachable cutting edges with straight blade & spade nose lip designs.
  • Custom selection of ground engaging tools by Esco, Hensley, MTG, Combi, BYG & more.
  • Additional wear parts for maximum resistance against heavy & abrasive soils.
  • GP buckets, large capacity buckets, HD buckets, rock buckets, mining buckets, block buckets, limestone buckets, high-dump buckets, sticky materials buckets, sorting buckets & more.

Underground LHD Buckets

  • Underground mining buckets for load & haul machines, with a bucket volume up to 10 m3.
  • Aggressive, lowered LHD bucket profile for max performance in hard, rocky & abrasive material.
  • Superior penetration & optimized floor design for smoother material flow.
  • We use thicker steel, tougher abrasive-resistant materials & more underside protection.
  • Custom selection of G.E.T. wear system to combat harsh underground mining conditions.
  • Welded or replaceable lead lip systems to suit various LHD applications for blasted rock, muck piles, back-blading and clearing of development headings.