ENSTRUC supply a complete range of Standard and Reinforced Buckets for Wheel Loaders and Underground Mining LHD Loaders. Designed to operate in the harshest conditions, every front loading bucket is manufactured with high-quality steel alloys and abrasion resistant materials for a long, productive service life.


General Duty Bucket for Front Loader

ENSTRUC GD Loader Bucket offers complete OEM interchangeability, and is widely used in sand and gravel applications, truck loading, and general material handling operations.

  • Configured loader straight lip or modified spade nose design for faster fill.
  • Available with bolt-on reversible cutting edge for even longer wear life.
  • Fitted with hardened heel plates for maximum resistance to high abrasion.
  • Optional wing shrouds and inside bucket liners for total wear protection.

Heavy Duty Bucket for Front Loader

ENSTRUC HD Loader Bucket is used in tougher applications that require more robust wear protection and greater penetration. This reinforced loader bucket is commonly used for loading low-medium abrasion materials, compacted soil, broken limestone, and loose overburden.

  • Straight loader lip or aggressive spade nose design for loading efficiency.
  • Available with bucket teeth or bolt-on loader blade to suit any application.
  • Weld-on or mechanical heel plates for total underside bucket protection.
  • Weld-on adapters, lip shrouds and vertical wing shrouds protect the edges.
  • Additional wear protection with inside bucket liner and rock deflector.
  • Wide selection of ground engaging tools in various OEM styles to suit.


Coal Bucket for Mining Front Loader

ENSTRUC Coal Loader Bucket is specialised in loading hoppers, conveyors, trucks and train cars from mined or loose stockpiles. Installed with penetrating teeth, our quarry coal bucket can dig directly from the coal seam with ease.

  • Configured loader straight lip or spade nose design for quick loading.
  • Available with bolt-on or weld-on cutting edge for loading from stockpiles.
  • Fitted with flush mount adapters and teeth when digging the coal seam.
  • Optional wing shrouds and inside bucket liners for total wear protection.
  • Rock deflectors and white iron bucket armour can be added if required.
  • Selection of the best wear parts by BYG, Endurance, Esco, Hensley, MTG.


Rock Bucket for Mining Front Loader

ENSTRUC Mining Loader Rock Bucket is best suited for harsh digging and loading conditions at quarries and open-pit mines, where penetration and resistance to extreme abrasion and impact is required.

  • Mining rock buckets up to 20+ m3 capacity for large wheel loaders.
  • Loader designs with straight lip or modified rock spade nose.
  • Reinforced structure with additional wear products on sides and bottom.
  • Chromium carbide wear plate can be applied for heavy and abrasive soils.
  • Selection of mining wear parts and GET by Esco, Hensley MTG & more.


Underground Mining Bucket for LHD Loader

ENSTRUC LHD Loader Buckets deliver unmatched productivity and structural reliability to help lower your cost-per-ton. Available in a range of sizes to suit most material types and densities.

  • Slim bucket profile with smooth floor design for optimum material flow.
  • Reduced downtime with aggressive spade nose, and half arrow edges.
  • Weld-on wear plates in high wear areas for low maintenance.
  • Additional wear protection with wear strips, lip shrouds & heel shrouds.
  • Various GET options for Atlas Copco, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sandvik.  
  • Do you want to produce your own LHD bucket wear parts? We can help.

Our Loader Buckets are Made with Trusted Materials for Long Lasting Strength and Durability in the Toughest Applications.