ENSTRUC collaborate with clients and partners to offer a complete range of buckets for construction and mining excavators up to 800 tonne operating weight. Every excavator bucket is matched to machine and application, and is engineered with a custom selection of the toughest ground engaging tools and protective wear materials for long-lasting performance and durability in all digging conditions.


Buckets for construction excavator

ENSTRUC offer a wide range of Construction Excavator Buckets and Work Tools for excavators up to 60 tonne class. We can design and manufacture any bucket according to your requirements – from handling loose material and aggregates to digging extreme hard and abrasive soils, ripping rock, levelling trenches and slopes.

  • Custom-made excavator digging and trenching buckets, ditching and grading buckets, rock and heavy duty buckets, skeleton buckets and more.
  • High strength bucket construction with European steel and hardened wear resistant materials that can handle big break-out forces & harsh conditions.
  • Application specific excavator bucket profiles that can enhance machine productivity and digging efficiency, while saving both time and fuel.
  • A wide range of ground engaging tools and bucket hardware is available in various styles and sizes by BYG, Combi, Esco, Endurance, Hensley & MTG.


Backhoe Bucket for mining excavator

ENSTRUC Mining Excavator Buckets thrive in harsh surface mining conditions. With a backhoe bucket capacity up to 40+m3, our range of mining backhoe buckets are designed and built for tackling even the most challenging materials including hard rock, iron ore and coal.

  • Our standard and high capacity mining buckets are customised for specific applications and to OEM specifications including: bucket pin radius, pin centre, breakout force and maximum suspended load.
  • Payload optimizing bucket designs with straight or spade lip, heavy duty outside bottom wear strips, side wear plates, and a custom selection of bucket hardware, laminate products and anti-wear liners.
  • Custom backhoe bucket configuration for digging dirt, gravel, loam and sand, through to dense and abrasive materials like: compact clay, shot rock and tough stratified materials found in quarries and open-pit mines.
  • A selection of premium ground engaging tools by Esco, Combi, Futura, Hensley, and MTG bucket wear parts. Find out more about our Custom Cast Parts Service
Enstruc special mining buckets for face shovel excavator up to 800 tons

Face Shovel Bucket for mining excavator

ENSTRUC Front Face Shovel Bucket is widely used for the extraction and loading of raw materials in quarries and open-pit mines. Engineered to outperform OEM designs, our face shovel bucket is built with more productivity, greater strength and longer life in mind.

  • Custom bucket profiles for optimal filling factor and reduced dump rate which helps the operator move more material, faster and at a lower cost.
  • We match your face shovel bucket to machine and application, while considering material density, moisture, hardness and abrasiveness.
  • Designed and fabricated with wear-resistant alloy steel, tough hardware and bucket liners for long-lasting performance in severe quarry conditions.
  • A wide selection of your favourite mining GET including bucket wear parts by Esco, Combi, Feurst, Futura, Hensley, MTG.