Avoid costly bucket repairs, rebuilds, and machine downtime by using ENSTRUC Bucket Wear Protection Parts. Combat the effects of premature bucket wear in high-impact and abrasive conditions with tough wear parts that are cost-efficient.

ENDURANCE DRP bucket shrouds and protectors provide strength and economy in any application

ENDURANCE DRP Bucket Shrouds

ENSTRUC produce high-performance bucket shrouds for construction excavators, mining excavators, draglines, wheel loaders, and underground LHD loaders.

  • Bolt-on and weld-on lip shrouds, wing shrouds, side cutters, and heel shrouds for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Esco, Hensley and more.
  • ENDURANCE bucket parts are cast from custom steel alloys, and hardened throughout for maximum strength and long life in demanding conditions.
  • Excellent weldability and fast installation on digger and loader buckets.
  • ENDURANCE bucket protectors maximize wear performance and economy.


The TURNKEY bucket shroud system is available for construction and mining excavators, wheel loaders and underground LHD loaders.

  • FEURST protective wear parts include blade shrouds, corner heel shrouds, and wing shrouds for complete bucket edge protection.
  • FEURST bucket parts are professionally cast from the best alloy steels for maximum strength and endurance in any application.
  • TURNKEY shrouds can be fitted to either a straight blade or a delta-shape blade, with bucket edge thickness from 45mm to 140mm.
  • Hammerless shroud locking system for reduced bucket maintenance and safety.


TWISTER shrouds are available in various OEM styles to suit all makes and models of excavators and loaders.

  • Weld-on TWISTER shrouds are heat treated to 450 BHN for perfect weldability and wear protection for bucket lips, sides and outside corners.
  • Installed with base and pin and mechanically attached, the hammerless twister shroud is hardened to 500 BHN for maximum wear protection.
  • Shroud accessories: thrust blocks, top wing shrouds & lower wing shrouds.
  • FUTURA shrouds fit buckets with a lip thickness of up to 230 mm.

Chrome White Iron Parts

ENSTRUC supply a wide range of chrome white iron parts for maximum wear protection in severe impact applications and abrasive conditions.

  • Extremely hard wear buttons, chocky bars, roll bars, skid blocks & more.
  • Chrome and mild plate is joined by a special welding process for stability.
  • Min 700+ brinell (HRC 63) hardness for maximum abrasion resistance.
  • Easy to weld on buckets (excavator/loader/dragline/face shovel), crusher arm guards, discharge chutes, rock boxes, grizzly bars, hoppers & more.


FUTURA Wear Runners

FUTURA bucket wear runners provide complete outside, bottom bucket armour against extreme abrasion, impact, and protect against premature bucket wear.

  • FUTURA wear runners are 100% compatible with the Esco Kwiklok.
  • Mechanically attached wear plate system includes weld-on base, hardened wear runner, and secure locking pin.
  • Wear runners give the bucket longer life cycles and reduce maintenance.
  • FUTURA wear runners are hardened to 500 BHN for maximum wear life.