Avoid costly bucket repairs, rebuilds and machine downtime by installing Bucket Wear Protection Parts to combat heavy abrasion and impact. Designed for excavator, wheel loader, mining shovel and underground loader buckets, our range of weld-on & bolt-on hammerless parts protect your assets and increase productivity. Extend the wear life of your bucket today.


Feurst Turnkey® Shrouds

  • Feurst Turnkey® Shrouds for Excavator, Face Shovel, Wheel Loader & LHD Loader Buckets.
  • Parts include Blade Shrouds, Corner Heel Shrouds & Wing Shrouds for total edge protection.
  • Feurst® shrouds can be fitted to a Straight or Delta-shaped blade with thickness 45 – 140 mm.
  • Made from the best alloy steel for maximum strength & endurance in tough applications.
  • Innovative Hammerless Locking System for safe, quick shroud replacement.

Futura Twister® Shrouds

  • Futura Twsiter® Shrouds are available in multiple styles for all Excavator & Loader applications.
  • Weld-on shrouds for Bucket Lips, Sides & Outside Corners are 450 BHN for perfect weld-ability.
  • Mechanically attached shrouds are 500 BHN, and install with base & pin: Hammerless/Standard.
  •  Thrust blocks, top and lower mining wing shrouds are available to suit all wear environments.
  • Lip thickness range: up to 230 mm.

Enstruc DRP Shrouds

  • Enstruc Direct Replacement Shrouds are available for almost any OEM, bucket type and size.
  • Various styles and sizes for Construction and Mining excavators, wheel loaders & LHD trams.
  • Huge selection of bucket lip shrouds, heel shrouds, wing shrouds & side cutters.
  • Heat treated to a minimum 444 BHN for great weld-ability & abrasion resistance.
  • Easy installation with maximum wear performance and economy.

High Chrome White Iron Parts

  • Protect equipment in extreme wear conditions with our High Chrome, White Iron Wear Parts.
  • 2-Materials combined to give 700+ Brinell Hardness & mild steel backing plate for weld-ability.
  • Used on construction & mining buckets, crushing equipment, other static & mobile equipment.
  • We have chocky bars, wear bars, wear buttons, skid bars, bolt protectors, grizzly bars & more.
  • Extreme wear protection in high-abrasion, high-impact applications.

Futura® Wear Runners

  • Futura® Wear Runners provide complete Bucket Bottom Protection against extreme abrasion.
  • Mechanically attached wear plate system that includes Weld-on Base, Wear Runner & Pin.
  • Increased wear resistance and longer bucket life cycles with Reduced Maintenance.
  • Futura Wear Runners are 100% Compatible with Esco Kwiklok® wear runners.
  • Minimum 500 Brinell Hardness.