Enstruc supply a complete range of high quality Bucket Teeth and Adapters for excavator, wheel loader and hydraulic mining shovel buckets. We specialise in direct replacement bucket tooth systems that increase safety and simplify field replacement, while delivering maximum performance and cost efficiency in all construction and mining applications.


Enstruc DRP Bucket Teeth & Adapters

  • We produce a complete range of high-quality aftermarket bucket teeth and adapters for all makes and models of loaders and excavators up to 120t operating weight.
  • Direct replacement bucket tooth systems for Caterpillar J-Series, Esco Conical, Esco SuperV, Bofors, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Volvo and more.
  • Cast with the high-grade materials and heat treated to the core for maximum bucket tooth performance, strength and reliability in tough applications.
  • Modern production process ensures excellent tooth-adapter fitment and performance.
  • Custom bucket tooth designs and company branding options are available to customers.
  • Tooth hardness (BHN): 520 Brinell throughout the tooth.

Futura X2 Bucket Teeth & Adapters

  • Futura X2 bucket teeth & adapters are available for wheel loaders & excavators up to 60t class.
  • The X2 tooth system is 100% compatible with Hensley XS bucket teeth and adapters.
  • Safer and faster bucket tooth replacement with the hammerless pin lock system.
  • Excellent tooth consumption and reusable pin for high efficiency and economy.
  • Tooth hardness (BHN): 530 Brinell throughout the tooth.
  • Futura X2 teeth size: 850, 1150, 1450, 2500, 3400.


Feurst Fastkey Bucket Teeth & Adapters

  • Feurst Fastkey bucket teeth and adapters provide maximum performance in all digging and loading conditions for machines up to 60 tonne.
  • Innovative design for construction applications, the Fastkey tooth system can be installed on buckets with a lip thickness up to 80 mm.
  • Very secure and reliable vertical pin assembly with anti-drop lock system.
  • Tooth hardness (BHN): 555 Brinell throughout the tooth.
  • Fastkey teeth size: FKM, FK1, FK2, FK3, FK4, FK5, FK7, FK9, FK11, FK13.


Futura Twister Bucket Teeth & Adapters

  • The Futura Twister bucket tooth system offers unbeatable performance and economy for wheel loaders & excavators up to 230t weight class.
  • Twister teeth are 100% compatible with Esco SuperV teeth and adapters.
  • Top and bottom bucket adapter caps give extra wear protection in tough conditions.
  • Futura Twister pins can be used more than once to reduce bucket maintenance costs.
  • Optional Twister Hammerless teeth are available for improved safety & less downtime.
  • Tooth hardness (BHN): 530 Brinell throughout the tooth.
  • Twister teeth size: 130, 170, 190, 230, 290, 330, 390, 430, 510, 590, 610, 690, 710, 810.


Futura T2 Bucket Teeth & Adapters

  • Futura T2 bucket teeth and adapters are a direct replacement for the Esco SV2 tooth system.
  • Aggressive ribbed tooth designs with more wear material than standard bucket teeth.
  • Robust hammerless tooth locking system with quick extraction tool and socket hex tool.
  • Outstanding bucket tooth performance in heavy construction and mining applications.
  • Tooth hardness (BHN): 530 Brinell throughout the tooth.
  • Futura T2 teeth size: 265, 270, 275, 285.


Feurst Turnkey Bucket Teeth & Adapters

  • Feurst Turnkey bucket teeth and adapters provide a fully hammerless system for wheel loaders & hydraulic mining excavators up to 400 tonnes.
  • Bucket adapter wear caps provide complete wear protection in high-abrasion applications.
  • The Feurst locking caps and adapter plugs protect against water and dust.
  • Safer and faster bucket tooth replacement with the quick pin extraction tool.
  • Tooth hardness (BHN): 555 Brinell throughout the tooth.
  • Feurst Turnkey teeth size: TKN10, TKN11, TKN12, TKN13, TKN15, TKN17, TKN19.


Futura Miner Bucket Teeth & Adapters

  • Full range of Futura Miner bucket teeth and adapters for mining machines up to 800T.
  • Compatible with Esco Posilok, Posilok Plus, DRP Bradken and Hensley tooth systems.
  • Optional direct replacement wear caps for Futura intermediate adapters.
  • Increased safety and reduced downtime with the hammerless pin & extractor tool.
  • Proven tooth performance and economy in the toughest mining conditions.
  • Tooth hardness (BHN): 530 Brinell throughout the tooth.
  • Futura Miner tooth size: 950, 1100, 1300, 1450, 1600.


Futura Bucket Lip Assemblies

  • Prefabricated Futura bucket lip assemblies for fast cutting edge replacement on excavator, wheel loader, dipper, and underground LHD loader buckets.
  • A fully assembled lip system that includes Futura adapters, Futura hammerless teeth, and protective lip shrouds that enhance wear life.
  • Add vertical bucket shrouds, wear caps and white iron parts for maximum bucket wear protection.
  • Continuous edge sharpness and defense for increased productivity & efficiency in all applications.
  • Fully customized leading edge package to fit your bucket with minimal installation modification.