professional welding hitachi ex1200 long reach excavator boom and arm

The Enstruc Long Reach Manufacturing Process

Our long reach manufacturing process is controlled and efficient. It…
cat excavator long reach equipment with enstruc logo

Long Reach Equipment For Australian Maintenance Company

Enstruc deliver 18-meter long reach equipment to help clear Australian…
13 pallets of enstruc bucket teeth

Enstruc Bucket Teeth Enter The US Market

56 Pallets of Enstruc bucket teeth are on their way to the United…
choosing the best ground engaging tools foundry

Choosing A Ground Engaging Tools Foundry

Five tips for selecting a ground engaging tools foundry When…
Enstruc hot slag bucket ready for delivery to South Africa steel mill

Hot Slag Bucket Delivery to South Africa

This Hot Slag Bucket is ready to handle the heat in a South African…
mining roadheader crusher pick ready for delivery to coal mine

Mining Crusher Picks for Wales

Shipment of mining crusher picks for a hardworking Welsh roadheader An…
Trasteel J450 loader teeth have seriously good wear life and digging performance

Tough Loader Teeth by TRASTEEL

TRASTEEL is globally recognised for it's tough loader teeth,…
Hitachi EX1200 long reach excavator arm produced by Enstruc Wear Parts and Attachments

Reaching Further in 2022!

Enstruc start 2022 by shipping two 30 meter long arm booms for…
Hitachi EX1200 30 metre long arm boom weld inspection

Welding Inspection of Excavator Booms

Enstruc long arm booms are tested for material safety and performance. When…
The importance of Test Jigs | Enstruc

The importance of Test Jigs

It's standard practice to test the fitment of our castings. Our…