Enstruc Wear Solutions Tungsten Carbide Ceramic Cutting Picks


A ceramic coating on tungsten carbide picks can increase their durability and resistance to wear in caliche rock.

ENSTRUC tungsten carbide picks with ceramic coating can provide improved performance and durability when cutting through caliche material. The ceramic coating adds an extra layer of hardness and wear resistance to the tungsten carbide, enhancing the pick’s cutting ability and lifespan. Our customers have found the following benefits that can contribute to increased productivity:

  1. Enhanced Cutting Efficiency: The combination of tungsten carbide and ceramic coating can provide superior cutting efficiency in hard materials like caliche. The hard and wear-resistant properties of tungsten carbide, coupled with the added protection of the ceramic coating, can result in improved penetration and material removal.
  2. Extended Lifespan: The ceramic coating on the tungsten carbide picks can increase their durability and resistance to wear. This extended lifespan means that the picks can maintain their cutting performance for a longer time before needing to be replaced or sharpened. Reduced downtime for pick maintenance or replacement can positively impact productivity.
  3. Reduced Friction and Heat Generation: The ceramic coating can help reduce friction and heat generation during cutting. This can be particularly beneficial when working with hard materials like caliche that can generate significant heat during the cutting process. By minimizing friction and heat, the picks are less prone to premature wear and can maintain their cutting effectiveness for a longer time.
  4. Improved Chip Control: Caliche material can produce chips or cuttings during the cutting process. Tungsten carbide picks with ceramic coating can provide better chip control, reducing the chances of clogging or jamming. Efficient chip control helps maintain a smooth cutting operation and prevents unnecessary interruptions.
  5. Operator Confidence: When using high-quality cutting tools like tungsten carbide picks with ceramic coating, operators can have increased confidence in their equipment. This confidence can translate into improved productivity as operators can work more efficiently and effectively, knowing that they have reliable tools at their disposal.


Both in terms of lifetime hours (99% higher) and economic benefit obtained (56% higher), Enstruc’s picks are better than Kennametal’s.


Enstruc tungsten carbide picks with ceramic overlay for cutting caliche materials

It’s worth noting that the productivity achieved with tungsten carbide picks with ceramic coating will still depend on other factors such as equipment design, operator skill, and caliche hardness. Conducting field tests or consulting with industry experts who have experience with caliche cutting can provide more accurate insights into the potential productivity gains associated with these picks in specific applications.

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