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Enstruc Wear Solutions is an alternative solution for OEMs, dealers, and end-users that want better returns on their Ground Engaging Tools (GET) and Attachments.

ENSTRUC specialises in designing and manufacturing high-quality GET, mining wear parts, buckets, and attachments for heavy earth-moving machinery. With years of experience evaluating and testing metals, alloys, and specialist wear-resistant materials, we thrive on delivering engineered products and solutions that enhance customer productivity and safety in the field.

ENSTRUC product quality and performance result from years of site experience and deep engineering investigations. Our engineering designs are verified with CAD and simulation software and compared with product testing and site data to qualify a product. Specially designed to resist the highest mechanical stresses in service, ENSTRUC wear parts and attachments are manufactured with advanced production techniques and premium materials to maximise wear life and productivity.

Whether you need a customised mining bucket, a super long reach boom, or want to brand your range of performance ground engaging tools, select ENSTRUC as your strategic partner. We guarantee first-class workmanship and efficient, reliable wear solutions, from product design and materials testing to advanced production and quality controls.

ENSTRUC support the complete life cycle manufacturing of ground engaging tools, wear parts, buckets, and attachments. This includes design and development, product introduction, growth, commercial-scale production, and discontinuation.

If you would like to receive further information about ENSTRUC Wear Solutions, please get in touch with us.

Email: info@enstruc.com

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