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ENSTRUC delivers four underground LHD buckets for Komatsu WX07 loaders.

The Komatsu WX07 LHD is a 7-tonne machine engineered to improve operator performance and deliver reliability in hard rock mining applications. With up to 10% more breakout force of any machine in its class and a faster operating speed with a loaded bucket, ENSTRUC manufactured a high-productivity mining bucket to compliment the performance of the underground WX07 LHD. The Komatsu LHD bucket is light enough to offer superb bucket motion times and tough enough to withstand the most abrasive conditions.

ENSTRUC built the WX07 buckets with high-strength structural steel and protected high-wear areas with abrasive-resistant materials to provide an economical and low maintenance bucket. To further reduce maintenance costs, the Komatsu LHD buckets are fitted with high-performance mining ground engaging tools (GET) and mechanical lip shrouds for quick and easy replacement. The cast segmented profile bar with interlocking heel shrouds is easy to change and offers maximum protection during back blading. ENSTRUC mining GET has a higher percentage of nickel, chrome and moly in the steel to reduce slide abrasion which helps the GET work harder and longer during operation.

ENSTRUC support the complete life cycle manufacturing of underground mining LHD buckets. This includes bucket design and development, product introduction, growth, commercial-scale production, and product discontinuation.

If you would like to receive further information about ENSTRUC LHD buckets, please contact us.

Email: info@enstruc.com

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