Excavator bucket manufacturing by Enstruc Wear Solutions


ENSTRUC Excavator Bucket Production Reaches New High.

The unexpected event of the pandeminc provoked the execution of extreme lock down rules across different nations which temporarily slowed the demand for excavator buckets and attachments worldwide. ENSTRUC is now experiencing a surge in demand for it’s excavator buckets and attachments as construction sites and mining sites power-up to make up for lost time.

With a second modern manufacturing facility now in full operation, ENSTRUC production capacity reaches a new high to meet the demand for it’s digging buckets, rock buckets, excavator rippers, and ground engaging tools. Further investment of bucket production technology ensures ENSTRUC buckets and attachments remain a good choice for leading OEMs and dealers in the global earthmoving market.

Whether ENSTRUC builds one excavator bucket or one hundred buckets, every bucket is inspected meticulously at each stage of production to ensure customers receive high quality products every time.

  • Bucket design and development
  • Gas and plasma metal cutting
  • Metal sheet bending
  • Metal turning
  • Bucket assembly
  • Bucket welding
  • Bucket line boring
  • Bucket sandblasting
  • Bucket painting

Enstruc excavator rock bucket digging

ENSTRUC support the complete life cycle manufacturing of construction buckets and mining buckets. This includes bucket design and development, product introduction, growth, commercial-scale production, and product discontinuation.

If you would like to receive further information about ENSTRUC buckets for excavators and loaders, please get in touch.

Email: info@enstruc.com

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