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Why are ENSTRUC Mining Ground Engaging Tools so good?

ENSTRUC don’t claim to be the best in Mining Ground Engaging Tools (GET), however global surface mining and underground mining clients tell us that our bespoke mining wear material, fitment, and product finish is up there with the very best mining GET brands. In a side-by-side product trial, the wear life of ENSTRUC mining bucket wear parts surpassed leading OEM parts and reduced total cost/hour.

Our Mining GET sand castings production is clean and precise.

In addition to first-class engineering and custom mining wear material, controlled casting foundry processes are key to producing high-productivity mining teeth and cast wear parts that last longer and look great!

  1. Drafting and method engineering to produce accurate 3D illustrations
  2. Mould patterns are created with epoxy for high volume production
  3. Moulds and cores are produced to form accurate internal shapes
  4. Melting of raw material to meet specification of casting function
  5. Pouring of molten metals into the mould cavity for solidification
  6. Sand knockout removes the sand mould to extract the casting
  7. Shot blasting removes excess sand and scales from the casting
  8. Heat treatment for casting uniformity, hardness, and stress relief
  9. Feeder and runner is accurately removed by oxy cutter
  10. Gouging removes the fins, riser, and defects from the casting
  11. Grinding removes material on the surface creating a flat surface
  12. Product dimensions, tolerances and fitment is confirmed
  13. Painting the casting with sprayers while rotating for full coverage
  14. Packing begins once the product has passed strict quality controls
  15. Delivery is arranged to dispatch the goods or make ready for collection

ENSTRUC support the complete life cycle manufacturing of mining bucket castings. This includes design and development, product introduction, growth, commercial-scale production, and product discontinuation.

If you would like to receive further information on ENSTRUC Mining Ground Engaging Tools, please get in touch.


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