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A new breed of Excavator HDX bucket is born.

Excavator OEM’s, dealers, and end users are always on the look-out for a quality digging bucket with a reasonable price tag. Well, it’s here! The ENSTRUC Heavy Duty Xtreme Bucket (HDX) is built with top grade structural steel, 500 BHN wear-resistant steel plate, and is fully equipped with tough ground engaging tools (GET) and protective wear parts for a long service life.

Engineered for efficient digging and loading of hard rock and high abrasion materials, the ENSTRUC HDX Bucket delivers top performance while reducing downtime to a minimum.

VIDEO: 60″ HDX bucket produced for a Komatsu PC360 Excavator.

As standard, the ENSTRUC HDX bucket features a 500 BHN lip, extra wear plate reinforcement, high grade bucket teeth, lip shrouds, side cutters, heel shrouds, 700 BHN wear buttons, and chocky bars for maximum resistance to high impact and abrasion.

enstruc welder on excavator bucket

ENSTRUC stand behind their excavator buckets with a robust guarantee. Our HDX Bucket is QAQC checked and approved twice, once by ENSTRUC Quality Engineers and again by an independent SGS Welding Inspector to ensure maximum bucket performance and efficiency over a longer service life.

welding magnetic particle inspection excavator bucket

Once tight tolerances and critical dimensions are approved, SGS inspect the bucket welds by Ultrasonic test and Magnetic Particle test. Before we release the HDX buckets for weighing and secure packaging, the bucket coating is checked to meet our high quality finish before delivery.

enstruc extra heavy duty bucket for komatsu pc360

If you would like to find out more about ENSTRUC Excavator Buckets please get in touch.

Email: info@enstruc.com

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