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It’s standard practice to test the fitment of our castings.

Our metal castings are primarily used in the mining industry, dredging, aggregate and recycling. High-tech casting technology allows simple and complex parts to be manufactured cost effectively for different applications. Not only do we test the properties of our castings for strength, impact, hardness and corrosion resistance, we also measure the parts regularly to ensure tolerance are being met.

Some foundries stop there however, Enstruc go the extra quality mile by testing the fitment of it’s ground engaging tools (G.E.T.) and bucket wear parts on castings test jigs before delivering them to customers around the world.

Built with high quality materials for long-term accuracy, test jigs and benches are used by Enstruc QA/QC engineers to quickly weed out any defective parts and products. For instance, the bucket lip test bench in the image makes sure that each and every lip shroud fits perfectly on the bucket edge. There are many manufacturing plants that do not provide this level of testing.

At the end of the day, our customers are the ones who benefit most from test jigs and QA. Catching errors and defects early ensures that they don’t make it in the box and into end-user hands. Enstruc want to make sure that they keep a stellar reputation when it comes to the quality of their products, and castings test jigs can help them do that.

Contact us to find out more about the importance of test jigs and our in-depth quality assurance process. Enstruc manufactures and distributes wear-resistant castings for quarry buckets, underground mining buckets, construction buckets, dredge cutter heads, dredging buckets, shredders, material recycling and more.

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